what is logical fatalism

This is an argument that depends not on causation or physical circumstances but rather is based on presumed logical truths.It is a necessary truth that, for every proposition, either it is or its negation is true;

Though this idea may seem absurd, it has its adherents.Fatalism is an oversimplification of the issue, clinging to god's foreknowledge and not its compatibility with free will.One belief in philosophy is the denial of the existence of free will.

There are numerous versions of this argument, but the most famous are by aristotle [5] and richard taylor [6].(incidentally, theological fatalismis (roughly) the view that no acts are free because before they were performed god already knew that they would be performed.

In contemporary philosophy, arguments for fatalism are arguments for the conclusion that no human actions are free.Theological fatalism equivocates 15 (8) if, as well as the past and the present, the world that will come to pass is known, an omniscient being exists.This video lecture discusses very briefly the meaning of logical fatalism.

Fatalism too is a supernatural belief system which holds humans outside the natural matrix.Arguments for logical fatalism proceed, roughly, from truths about future actions to the conclusion that those actions are unavoidable, and hence unfree.

These have been objected to and elaborated on [7] but very few people accept them.

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what is logical fatalism
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