what is holistic kinesiology

Within my holistic kinesiology protocol, i make a global assessment of the patient using the ar (arm reflex) test, and based on this initial assessment, i.For example, pain and stress, are indicators/warning signs, which communicate a message of body imbalance.

Any particular symptoms are regarded as the body's expression of imbalances, and its innate attempt to return.Kinesiology is a holistic health therapy that originates from the study of body movement (human kinetics).Yet powerful techniques, kinesiologists are able to instantly access holistic information held by our subconscious mind.

By doing this, imbalances can be determined and methods to rebalance the body can be indicated.Holistic kinesiology is a discipline that evaluates the responses of muscle groups to detect imbalances in the body and to prevent or correct disorders, using the most appropriate treatment for each person.

It aims to balance the whole person:An interview with one of our members lida hewitt based in sutton, surrey.It is a science and profession outstanding in its scope and application.

It is holistic in a way that it works at all levels including physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and energetic.Neurology textbooks define muscle testing as a means of testing the motor function of limbs.

If the muscle holds or locks, it is considered a positive feedback response.And eastern medicine such as:To perform kinesiology, a particular muscle is held in a contracted state.

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EK Kinesiology, Buncrana. - Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify imbalances or stresses within the body’s structural, chemical, emotional or energy systems. The process is led by the client as the muscle response tells .

what is holistic kinesiology
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