Clean an Aerogarden

Unplug the aerogarden and remove all plant matter from the planting tray.Turn the machine on and let the water pump circulate the aerogarden with vinegar for 5 minutes.

The entire thing is to be retained for a period of 20 minutes or more.The solution should penetrate the aerogarden's parts and should stay there for 20 minutes to kill bacteria.To take a vinegar or bleach bath.

Then, reassemble it, and repeat the previous steps as necessary.Vinegar will also help prevent and clean up mineral deposits in your garden.

First, start by unplugging your aerogarden.Remove the trays from the solution.Make white vinegar and a warm water solution.

Make sure your basin is big enough to soak your aerogarden pieces completely.) depending on your aerogarden model, you may need a larger or smaller basin.) to guarantee that the water and peroxide go in the small corners of garden.Although different in shape, we can assure you that it will still fit.

No soil, no sun, & no green thumb required!If the top part of your aerogarden gets dirty, feel free to wipe it with soaked tissues.Take care not to damage plant roots.

After the pump stops, empty the bowl and refill with clear water.Using your regular dishwasher detergent, run your dishwasher through a warm or cold cycle.

Unlike traditional gardening, the soil is not the primary material for growing hydroponic flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc.If using vinegar or a bleach solution, let the system circulate the cleaning solution for one 5 minute cycle to kill any pathogens/algae/mold inside the pump assembly.This cultivation technique utilizes mainly water and a precise growing environment.

Fill the bowl with water and add ¼ cup of chlorine bleach.Then clean the aerogarden bowl and other surfaces.

Allow the parts to sit for about 20 to 30 minutes for a solution to kill any pathogens or bacteria.Use these instructions to keep your unit clean and running smoothly.

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Clean an Aerogarden
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